Do not stop dreaming

Well, today October 1 we started my favorite month of the year! Well, I'm a fan of everything kawaii, cute and watching many anime and movies, but within all that, this "terrifying" time captivates me.

When I was a child I was terrified of all horror movies, "I was very cowardly" 🙄, especially Freddy on Elm Street scared me a lot, he wouldn't let me sleep, or go to the bathroom at night hehehe; But as I grew up I lost my fear and I saw that all this horror, terror and the dark have a very interesting world, where history also enters as a creative engine; so I decided to take everything that terrified me with my cute-cheesy style and resulted in this Freddy who invites you to never stop dreaming!

I want to share this wallpaper with you and I hope this month I will be sharing many more, so if you want me to illustrate a special character that also scares you, write me and I will gladly do it in the most tender and funny way.

Download it here