Coffee Mug

23 | 02 | 2021
Coffee Mug

Well, a long time ago I did not write on my blog, I have a lot to tell, but I think many new people will read this post. So I will start by telling you that I am Jheyco Tellez "Jheycoco" Illustrator and designer, all my designs are very tender, romantic and cheesy, I have a lot in my networks, which have been viralized and shared a lot, this has helped me to participate in important fairs in my country, where I sell various products sublimated among others with my drawings.

Since they know me better, I tell them that this pandemic and everything that is happening in the world has greatly affected the economy. And although it has not been easy, I continue to work on the illustrations and products in my virtual store.

In all this entrepreneurship journey, I have met many more people who have incredible ideas and do not let themselves be defeated by any situation, it is very motivating, but I have noticed that many of these entrepreneurs also work on sublimated products.

That is why I have decided to release some of my best-selling mug illustrations, so that more entrepreneurs can move forward and also make my work and goal known to many more people, make them smile.

Download the design in PDF HERE.


Gracias por visitarme y conocer más de este gran sueño que es Jheycoco, espero poder hacerte sonreír con cada una de mis ilustraciones y productos!