Light up My Life

I am very happy to see how many people share the screenshots of their wallpapers with me, knowing that my illustrations are not only on the networks or temporary labels makes me very happy. From many parts of the world I get photos showing how my cheesy and cute dolls cross borders. This great reception and popularity that wallpapers have had makes me think of new projects, more digital and within your reach, so I will work hard to surprise you with something better every day. And I am much more glad that you are here today, giving me a little of your time to read me; Obviously this has its reward, a nice new wallpaper, with an illustration that I made exclusively for you.

"Illuminate my life" was born with the wish that in your life there is always that person who illuminates your life! Illuminate it with your smile, with your memories, with those unforgettable moments! A hug and don't stop smiling.

Download it here